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Aqa History B Coursework Info

How do I submit my controlled assessment marks to Pearson? 

Your marks can be submitted on an OPTEMS form (an optically scanned mark sheet), or online via Edexcel Online/EDI.

OPTEMS mark sheets will start to arrive in schools at the end of April 2016 for the summer series - after the Easter holidays. The OPTEMS form will contain the names of all the students you entered for controlled assessment in the summer 2016 series. If you haven't received your OPTEMS and the mark submission deadline is fast approaching, please ask your examinations officer for an update.

You can fill in your students' total raw marks (a raw mark out of 50) on the OPTEMS form. Please do not try to double the mark, convert them into UMS marks yourself, or submit them as a percentage on the OPTEMS! Please also remember that there are no separate additional marks for SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) in controlled assessment.

You need to send the top copy of the OPTEMS form to us. The address should be printed on the OPTEMS form and an envelope should have been provided for this purpose.

You keep a copy of the form for your own records and send a copy of the form to the moderator with the sample of work (the form is printed in triplicate).

Controlled assessment marks can also be submitted online. If you're submitting marks online, you must print out a copy of the marks for the moderator and for your own records.

If you have already submitted a mark but it needs to be amended (for example, because of an administrative error), please email the assessment team at with details of the amended point score. 

Coursework, controlled assessment and non-exam assessment (NEA)

Coursework, controlled assessment and non-exam assessment (NEA) measure subject-specific skills that cannot always be tested by timed written exam papers.

Visit the pages below for information on:

Video: coursework, controlled assessment and NEA for exams officers

Watch our video for an overview of the different types of internal assessment and the overall process.

Accreditation scheme for A-level Applied Business and A-level Applied Science

We run an accreditation scheme for centres offering Applied A-level qualifications. If your school or college is accredited for a subject, we will accept your coursework marks automatically for up to three years, subject to conditions.

Full details are available in our Accreditation scheme guide for centres offering Applied A-levels

Email us at if you have any queries about the scheme.

Apply for centre consortium arrangements

You must let us know if you’re working as part of a consortium of centres with joint teaching arrangements where students are entered through different centres.

Apply using the centre consortium arrangements form on JCQ's website

You need to apply by the following dates:

  • November series: 1 October
  • January series: 31 October
  • March series: 21 January
  • June series: 31 January.