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Cover Letter Samples For Sales Rep

Cover Letter Sample Sales Representative

Sales Representative Cover Letter Sample Beginning

Troy A. Trademan
Marketing and Sales Director
International Sales and Trade Inc.

Application for Sales Representative work position

Dear Mr. Trademan,

I would like to apply to job position Sales representative, which was published today on job advertisement server

I think that my personal profile and my job experiences correspond to your Sales representative requirements. In my previous career I worked on different job positions in sales departments. I have wide experiences as Sales representative, Area sales manager or Key account manager in various areas - Services (B2B), FMCG, Chemist, Grocery, Office Equipment, Furnishing, Fitting.

My motivation to work for your company on job position Sales representative is enhanced by quality of your company brands, the name of International Sales and Trade Inc. and possibilities to future career in sales department.

I hope to my success in recruitment process for Sales representative position in your company and to be a member of your company sales department.


John Salesman

John Salesman
00 Country-number 999 99 99 99

Attachment: Sales Representative Resume (CV) Example

Sales Representative Cover Letter Sample End

Job Description

Article Field: Sales, Purchasing, Business


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Cover Letter

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A good cover letter makes an impression on readers. It’s how you get your foot in the door, and moves your resume to the top of the stack. Just restating the information in your resume won’t cut it. Let your personality shine and give specific examples of why you are the best candidate out there. The professional sales representative cover letter sample below is a great reference point for writing your own eye-catching cover letter. Incorporate the tips in the writing guide that follows it, and crafting the perfect cover letter will be simpler than you could have imagined.

Professional Sales Representative Cover Letter Sample

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Sales Representative Cover Letter Must-Haves

If you aren’t able to sell yourself in your cover letter, it’s going to be hard to convince companies that you will be able to sell their products. That’s why it is important to show, not tell, the recruiting manager that you are a great salesperson using concrete examples. You will notice in the professional sales representative cover letter sample above that the introduction paragraph should explain why you want the job and why you are qualified for it, the next paragraph should illustrate this point through examples of your skills and experience, and you should end with a strong closing statement. Always thank the reader for his or her time. Your personality should come through in the cover letter, but make sure to keep the tone professional.

Best Action Verbs for a Sales Representative Cover Letter

As in the professional sales representative cover letter sample, action words make your letter more engaging and help paint a picture for the reader, so try including verbs such as communicate, maintain, sell, close, identify, address, assist, and respond.

Cover Letter Text

Dear Blue Steel,

As cheesy as it sounds, I think sales is in my blood. I have spent 10 years working in the field, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love what I do, and I am very good at it. I’d love the chance to bring my skills, experience, and drive to the sales team at Blue Steel. In the three years I spent working in B2B sales at my last job, I maintained a lead conversion above 75 percent every quarter. This made me one of the company’s top sellers. I think the key to my success was that I learned to love and believe in the products I sold. This came across to customers and made my job not just fun but easy. I am familiar with Blue Steel’s products, and your commitment to quality would make them a pleasure to sell. Communicating product benefit, addressing customers’ reservations, identifying qualified leads, and closing sales are my areas of expertise. I think I would be a strong addition to Blue Steel’s sales team and look forward to the chance to further expand your reach in the Dallas market. I welcome the chance to discuss this opportunity further in person. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

John Doe