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I Hate Summer Homework Calendar

Find 2017 Summer Reading Calendars here! 

This summer I want to mix it up. For the past few years we have run our own Summer Reading Challenge but this year instead of just asking readers to read read read I want to support them as they do. To keep summer reading fresh I have created summer reading calendars packed with reading prompts and simple literacy ideas to keep reading all summer long. That’s not the best part though. The calendars are only half of the fun, every day on ourFacebook Page you can dive deeper checking out resources and book recommendations for whatever is on the calendar for the NEXT DAY starting May 31st. 

Every day on Facebook I will post the next day’s mission with links to book titles, activity ideas, and more. Here is an example:


These calendars are geared towards reading picture books but in the extension activities posted daily on Facebook I will include a variation for chapter books as well. 

I wanted to start promoting this now even though it’s 2 weeks before the program starts because I want you to have time to reserve books that your local library, pick up a few that might work for your kids and get ready to read until the very end of summer.

You can print out the calendars below and pick and choose which activities work for your family or faithfully follow along every day. Do what works for you and your family. I just want to offer up a huge buffet of ideas to keep kids reading this summer.


Are you in? Join in the fun and keep the reading fun all summer long.

Print the calendars :





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OHHH. MY. GOODNESS!!!!! How is it MAY already?!?! This month is THE busiest month of the year for us teachers!!! I’m busy making projects, preparing for graduation, creating gifts and slideshows!!! And, of course, prepping for the Mommy Spa next week!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! I HATE when people say, “only 20 more days to go!!” or “3 more Fridays!!!” That does NOT make me happy!!!! LOL!! I gives me SERIOUS anxiety!!! Don’t get me wrong, I am looking very forward to SUMMER, just like every student and teacher!!! I just don’t like thinking about ALL of the things that I have to get done before that day comes!! LOL!

Well, I have good news!! I can mark one more thing off of my HUGE To-do list!! And, hopefully off of yours as well!! I have completely updated my Kindergarten Summer Homework pack that I made back in 2012!! So, if you bought this some time throughout the years, be sure to go download it again!!!

The activities that I have included on the calendars are all a review of Math, Writing and Literacy skills that we have worked on throughout Kindergarten and are standards based. This 115 page pack is full of skills and jam packed with FUN!!!! Most of the activities in the pack won’t take parents/student more than a few minutes!! So, they can easily fit these valuable review skills into their busy Summer days!!

The pack includes homework calendars for June, July and August!


For many of the skills, there is a response sheet that will be in the child’s Summer Skills Book to give them a place to work out their problem or write their response.

I have also included a letter to parents and 10 first grade sight word lists!!! Along with these lists, I have added sight word flashcards as well! You may want to add these to your pack to give parents a better way to practice with their child, giving their child a better visual of each word…but, the flashcards are completely optional (and you can always suggest to parents to make their own flashcards if you need to save time and paper 🙂

So, I print and bind and staple all of these things and put them into a gallon ziplock bag. That way, parents and students have EVERYTHING they need to practice their 1st grade skills!!!!

This year, I’m also going to add a little sharpened pencil 🙂 Yay, first graders!!! O.K. Maybe I shed a couple of tears buying those pencils!!! Ha! Hardest part of being a K teacher!!!!!! Helping them and watching them grow from babies to little independent people and having to let them go and start over. BUT, it IS THE most rewarding job on the planet!!!!! Can I get an AMEN!?! 🙂



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