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Mac3701 Assignment 1

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MAC3701/Assignment02/1/20181 COMPULSORY ASSIGNMENT 02/2018 (Semester 1) Semester Assignment no Due date Unique number First228 March 2018 536546 Before you start this assignment: THIS ASSIGNMENT MUST ONLY BE SUBMITTED ONLINE VIA MYUNISA. Postal assignments will not be marked. Ensure that you receive confirmation that your assignment was successfully submitted (online). Keep your online submission receipt numberor a screenshot of your submission receipt as proof of online submission. If you did not receive confirmation that your assignment was submitted successfully, then your assignment was not submitted. Please submit your assignment again until you have received confirmation that your assignment was submitted successfully. This assignment contributes 75% towards your year mark. Please study the relevant sections in the study material as indicated on pages 11 and 12 of Tutorial letter 101 before answering the assignment. Complete the assignment within the prescribed time limit of three (3) hours. It is always a good idea to practice proper time-management when attempting questions. This enables optimum examination preparation. This assignment must be submitted strictly on or before the submission date. The assignment submission platform closes automatically on the submission date and therefore students will not be able to submit after the submission date. DO NOTsend your assignment to the MAC3701 e-mail address. Assignments are only marked on-line via the myUnisa platform and therefore e-mail assignment cannot be marked. You are strongly urged to submit your assignment well before the last submission day to avoid the possibility of technical issues due to high traffic volumes. In the unlikely event that you experience technical issues, you must immediately notify the lecturers via e-mail to [email protected]Do not resubmit your assignment after the due date. This will result in a mark of 0% as your resubmitted assignment replaces your previous attempt and the resubmitted assignment will be regarded as your final (and only) assignment. Please refer to Unisa’s policy on plagiarism. You are reminded that your assignment must be your own work. By submitting your assignment, you confirm that you accept and will adhere to the terms of the plagiarism declaration. Please note: oIf you are found to be in violation of the declaration, you will receive 0% for Assignment 02. oIf you copied all or a portionof your assignment from someone else (including tutors, online study group, etc.), both you and the person(s) you copied from will receive 0%. If any similar-looking/worded assignments are found it will be considered to be a violation of the declaration. oThis declaration holds you accountable for completing your assignment on your own.