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Upwork Cover Letter For Wordpress Developer Nj

Upwork Cover Letter Sample for Web Developer

Before starting the cover letter for web development, we should know some key terms of web development and web developer. According to Wikipedia, Web development is a broad term which is used as a reference for the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet, in simple words, for the 'World Wide Web' Development. There's another kind of Web Developers who work on the Graphics and SEO Developments of many intranets, an intranet is mainly a private network owned by an individual. There are various kinds of works which are considered as the Web Development. To be honest with you, Web development can range from developing the static single page of plain text to the most complex web-based internet applications, (which is generally known as the Web App) electronic businesses , and social network services . But that's not the end of it, there's a more comprehensive and complex list of tasks to which web development generally refers. This particular kind of web designing may include web engineering, web design, web content development, client liaison, client-side /server-side scripting, web server and network security configuration, and e-commerce development.

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But the professional web developers have a completely different type of meaning for the term "web development". Usually for them, it refers to the main non-design aspects of building web sites: writing markup and coding. Lastly, nowadays, for the professionals, Web Development has come to a whole new meaning which is the creation of content management systems or CMS which can be made from scratch, proprietary or open source. If you don't know the literal meaning for CMS, this acts as middle ware between the database and the user through the browser. Now if you think what's the principle benefit of a CMS? Then I would say it allows non-technical people to make changes to their web site without having technical knowledge.

So, as you can see, Web Development is not something everyone can do. If you are looking forward to write a Upwork Cover Letter for a Web Developing Work Posting, make sure you know how to conduct these things with care -

1. How to use authoring or scripting languages to build websites
2. Proper way of writing, designing and editing web page content or directing others producing content
3. Identifying and correcting problems which you will find by testing or user feedback
4. How to convert written, graphic, audio and video components to compatible web formats
Now, take a good look on the sample cover letter bellow which will help you to write your own cover letters for Upwork job postings.
5. Languages like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, ASP, JSP, etc.

Let's see an example of Web Development Job Posting

Sample of Upwork Cover Letter for Web Development

Dear Hiring Manager,
Good day, sir.
I want to apply to the Web Developer position at your latest job posting on Upwork. My background as a Web Developer, along with my education in Computer Science, has made me attain some excellent technical skills. In addition to my Web Development skills, I also have a great eye for design; I believe that's what makes me different from the rest of the competitors.
I would like you to know that I am highly skilled with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have several years of experience with each of these technologies, at least for 4 years. Still, I am always happy to learn even more technologies to sharpen my skillset whenever I get the chance.  Besides, I do have a passion for mobile technologies as well. I also worked on a few mobile side projects with the usage of Objective-C and Swift.
You'd also be delighted to know that I have acquired the extensive computer science education. And for the records, I also have a great track record of success. My selection for 4 times for the company trip for the top 10% of employees is a great example of my success rate.
That's why I'm more than confident that I can be a great asset to your project. I would really love to have the opportunity to discuss the project details with you further. If you have any questions about my qualifications and skills, please do not hesitate to check out my profile, portfolio and work history which is attached here.

If you want to contact me later, I'm always available on Email and Skype. I am willing to work for 60 hours per week to help you with your project. So, I am really looking forward to start the project as soon as possible with your permission.

Thanks for considering,
Write down (Your Name Here)

Upwork Web Developing Job Posting Sample

# Sample 01

Job Title: In an Urgent Need of a Web Developer to Create WordPress Website On a Custom Made Theme
Job Description: I am looking for an expert web developer to create an author website from scratch.  The Developer has to provide a custom made WordPress theme. He will also have to provide mock up design for every individual page which will have to be professional and eye catching. 
I will pay by $100 per hour method and I want best results for my website. Thank you.

# Sample 02


# Sample 03


# Sample 04


# Sample 05


# Sample 06


# Sample 07


# Sample 08


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Good if you are thinking about taking job you like and working at your own time (for some job only, some needs you to work in certain timezone) Higher chance of getting hired mostly for those with an established portfolio. For those who don't have much experience/ special skills, the chances of getting a job are low. You will have very fierce competitions among the freelancers, most of the time receiving no reply from clients, for some it took a long response time. Some freelancers are willing to take a jobs/offer at a ridiculously low price to increase their chance of getting hired. I feel that sometimes the freelancers are being paid so low for their work, not much different from an online cheap labor. Freelancers are also charged 20% Upwork service charge on each project and this do not include the withdrawal charge yet. My case here was my account has been suspended with the reason of me not securing enough contracts and earnings. With some of the proposal still under negotiation with clients, Upwork has chose to terminate my account straightaway without any notice beforehand. I had chose to voice this out because as a freelancer, you have the right to know what you'll be expecting working in this platform. For future freelancers, THINK THINK & THINK again if you are going to work with Upwork.


Choose job you want to do, SOME job offers working at your own time, chances to explore some other area of expertise (provided you are hired)


low chance of getting hired, low salary/ripped off, for my case: given absurd reason to suspend my account