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Kean University Essay 2013

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  • The Nathan Weiss Graduate College welcomes applications for graduate admissions from all candidates who meet the requirements of the University and the program in which an application is being submitted.


    All applicants should submit an online application.  The application system allows the student to save their progress, as they are completing the application.


    • $75 non-refundable application fee
    • Bachelor's degree (or foreign equivalent) from an accredited college or university
    • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (candidates with under a 3.0 will be considered based on the strength of the overall application)
    • Official copies of ALL post-secondary transcripts (this includes transcripts that reflect transfer credit)
    • Professional Resume or CV
    • Personal Statement
      • The personal statement is the applicant's opportunity to introduce themselves to the admissions committee and describe, in detail, their academic and professional goals and how and why Kean University fits into their aspirations.  Personal anecdotes, life lessons, descriptions of personal influences are all appropriate content.  Students applying to programs with supplemental applications and Speech-Language Pathology have additional essay questions.  The personal statement should be limited to three typed-written pages, double spaced.
      • Applicants to Speech-Language Pathology (M.A.) and Social Work (M.S.W.) programs are expected to address a different question.  Please consult the individual program pages for the appropriate topics.
    • 2-3 Letters of Recommendation (Please consult with the individual program requirements as to how many recommendations are required)
      • Upon application submission, click on "Submit Supplemental Items" and in the "Recommendation Requests" section, click "Start" and identify you recommenders.  Our application system will electronically send a request to your recommenders inviting them to complete their recommendation online.
    • Standardized Test Scores (Please consult with the individual program requirements to see which, if any test is required for admission)
    • The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is required of all international students and students who have completed their prior education in a country where English is not the native language.  Exceptions can be made for students who have completed at least 6 credits of college level English courses from a U.S. institution or who have submitted SAT or ACT exam scores.
    • Copy of license (not required for all programs)
    • Supplemental Application (not required for all programs)


    It is important to consult the individual program requirements to learn if the program you are applying to requires submission of official scores.  When registering or ordering official score results, please use the following codes to ensure proper delivery of your scores:

    • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) - Institution Code 2517
      • For applicants using a CAS application (Physical Therapy, PsyD, and Speech-Langauge Pathology (M.A.) only), please send your scores using the following codes:
        • Physical Therapy (DPT) - PTCAS GRE Institutional Code 7444
        • Speech-Language Pathology (M.A.) - CSDCAS Institutional Code 2436
        • Combined School and Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) - PSYCAS Institutional Code 2251
    • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) - Institution Code 2517- Kean University
    • Miller Analogies Test (MAT) - Recipient Code 1398
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) - Institution Code 2517


    New Students:
    Applicants must submit an official copies from each college or university in which you have enrolled for any period of time showing all courses, grades and degrees received, if any.

    For example, if you took courses at Union County College and Essex County College and then transferred to Montclair State University where you received your Baccalaureate degree, you must submit official transcripts from all three institutions. Please request that the colleges send the transcripts directly to you in their own sealed envelopes or they may send the transcripts directly to us. Be sure not to open these envelopes as this will cause the transcripts to become unofficial and will delay your application process.

    Transcripts need not be submitted if you attended a graduate program within the past five years.

    Kean transcripts need not be submitted. All other transcripts for coursework completed at other institutions must be submitted, including those for credits transferred to Kean and including transcripts previously submitted.


    Applicants will be notified if they are required to schedule a departmental interview.  It is the applicant's responsibility to arrange for the interview with the graduate coordinator who will have a copy of all application materials.


    Once an online application has been submitted, all supporting materials need to be mailed to the Office of Graduate Admissions.  This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Official transcripts
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Professional Resume or CV
    • Copy of licenses (if required)
    • Any other supporting materials required for your application

    All materials should be sent in one package to the following address:

    Kean University
    Kean Hall
    Office of Graduate Admissions
    1000 Morris Avenue
    Union, New Jersey 07083


    The Nathan Weiss Graduate College recognizes the need for students to defer their acceptance, however, deferrals must adhere to the following guidelines:

    • For students who have been accepted into a program that admits both for the fall AND spring semesters, they will be allowed to request a deferral for up to one academic year.  For example, if a student is accepted in fall 2014, they may defer to the spring 2015 or fall 2015 semesters.  If the student wishes to defer past the fall 2015, they must re-apply to Kean University.
    • For students who have been accepted into a program that ONLY admits for the fall semester (Speech-Language Pathology, Social Work, School Psychology), they may request a deferral for one academic year.  For example, if a student is accepted in fall 2014, they may defer their acceptance to fall 2015.  However, if the student wishes to start past fall 2015, such as fall 2016, they must re-apply to Kean University.  Additionally, any student requesting a deferral for a program that ONLY admits in the fall semester, must have the approval from the program coordinator.  The PsyD and Occupational Therapy programs do not permit deferrals of an acceptance.
    • In all instances, a deferral will not be processed without the required non-refundable tuition deposit for their respective program.

    If you have any questions or concerns with this policy, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions.

    Updated  7/13/15