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Change User Rights Assignment Registry Of Deeds


Sarpy County Register of Deeds records all properly presented documents that pertain to land in Sarpy County.  We record a variety of documents pertaining to real estate such as: Deeds, Mortgages, various types of Liens, UCCs, Plats, Federal Tax Liens, State Tax Liens and other various documents.

Our records are indexed by a legal description and alphabetically by grantor and grantee beginning with last name first, followed by the first name. 

Documents recorded prior to January 1988, were assigned a book and page number.  Beginning January of 1988 we started assigning instrument numbers to our documents.

All of Sarpy County Register of Deeds documents are available online for viewing free of charge.  If you wish to view documents from your home computer, you can access our Register of Deeds Online System. Once there, you can access the document by the legal description, instrument number or by grantor/grantee (names associated with the document).  We have images on file from 1857 to date. If you are looking for documents recorded prior to January 1988, you can access the historical book images on the same online system. If you wish to view an older document, you will need a book and page number. 

We do not provide research services. However, we always have an employee available to assist in becoming familiar with our on-line system. You can come into the office or give us call. We are available Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., with the exception of federally observed holidays.

Recorded land is the most common type of ownership in Middlesex County. Documents affecting real estate, such as deeds and mortgages, if properly prepared and legally acceptable, are recorded at the Registry of Deeds in chronological order and assigned a book and page number. They are then indexed by grantor, grantee, document type and address. The documents affecting a particular piece of property are searched, analyzed and examined by a party seeking to determine the legal status of the ownership rights in the property. This status is referred to as the title to the property. In Middlesex County, the title search is usually done by a trained examiner or attorney hired by the buyer or buyer's lender. Registered land comprises about twenty percent of the property in Middlesex County. Under this system (sometimes referred to as the "Torrens" system) the Massachusetts Land Court has adjudicated and decreed the status of the title. Thereafter, subsequent owners of registered land are issued numbered certificates describing the property and noting any encumbrances (such as mortgages) or rights affecting the property. Documents filed in the registered section are assigned document numbers, not book and page numbers. The criteria for filing documents affecting registered land are much stricter than those affecting recorded land.