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High School Physics Research Paper Topics

Physics is a very interesting, but demanding field of study. The math, as well as the science, creates a lot of thinking on multiple levels for the student. But it is also a very exciting field as well. This is because physics allows the student to create things from items they would not expect would work. So how does a student find one topic that is interesting to others in their high school research paper?

  • Storage
  • Storing electricity is something we all use. But how to build a simple battery is easier than one might think. Writing a physics research paper, on how to build a simple battery; can be both challenging and a learning experience. A student can make a battery out of a pill bottle, citrus juice, and aluminum foil and a piece of tin. If the student has other products to use, they can substitute them as well, as long as they are safe to use.

  • Chemical Based Manipulation
  • Silver plating, and Gold plating are means of using chemicals to manipulate other materials. Explaining this process can be a very learning experience. Also, there are other processes that chemicals are used to manipulate materials. Researching and writing about these can make for a very interesting paper, that can get the student noticed.

  • Radiation
  • How many uses can the student think of that radiation is used in modern life? Anyone of these can make for an informative physics research paper that will hold the attention of a reader. An overview can also be an interesting paper showing just how diverse the use of radioactive materials is. There are a lot of possibilities in this subject, with many routes that can be taken. The student does not have to be pro the use, they can be against the use. But even that opens more doors to an interesting paper.

  • Cutting with Heat
  • How many ways does the student know to use heat to cut with? What is the physics behind the use? How can a Cotton string cut a Wine bottle? Heat is used a lot in the world to cut everything from paper to steel. Each and every use can become a valid physics research paper for the student. And if the student is more adventurous, they can even find creative ideas to make a good physics paper.

    5 Strong Physics Research Paper Topics

    It cannot be stressed enough, the importance of choosing a research paper topic carefully. The general advice about choosing a topic with any type of essay applies equally to a specific one, namely a physics research paper topic. Get the topic right and you are well on the way to writing an excellent research paper. The guidelines are fairly simple.

    Choose a topic which is approved by your teacher or tutor. Going outside the structure and requirements as set out by your college is a sure fire way to get a very low score. Then select a topic which grabs your interest. If you have an interest in the topic, you are far more likely to write with enthusiasm and dedication. Finally choose a topic which lends itself to research and to contemporary study. It can still be an ancient topic but your take on it will be that of the modern-day.

    Five strong physics research paper topics

    • Tsunami
    • Hydraulics
    • Fishing
    • Basketball
    • Catapults

    A tsunami is a topic which has captured worldwide attention in recent times. Sometimes this type of phenomenon is known as a tidal wave which is an incorrect or misleading title because the tsunami is not related to tides. There is a great deal of physics involved in the study of this act of nature and with tsunamis in recent times, there is a great deal of research material available for your paper.

    Hydraulics is a relatively new aspect of the study old physics and basically involves applications where there is a movement of a liquid. The physics of hydraulics are being examined as a scientific endeavour thousands of years ago with such famous names as Aristotle and Archimedes. It would make an interesting topic to compare the physics of hydraulics today with the findings of these ancient thinkers.

    Fishing is a pastime enjoyed by millions of people. Simply casting a line into the water and using a reel to attempt to catch the fish involves a number of aspects of physics. For someone who enjoys fishing, this topic has a great deal of appeal.

    Similarly with playing sport because anyone who enjoys basketball will understand the principles of physics apply to bouncing the ball, dribbling the ball and throwing the ball a distance into a hoop. It’s a great topic for a sports lover.

    And finally there is the ancient activity of hurling an item a large distance using a catapult. The physics apply whether it is a small handheld catapult or a vast man-made machine. The principles are the same and make for interesting reading and writing.