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Homework Folder In Spanish

Product Description

These super cute labels were created to help you communicate more easily with parents regarding paperwork that is sent home through the homework folder. I designed them to go on the inside of a homework folder to designate which pocket is for papers that stay at home, and which pocket is for papers that are to be filled out/signed/completed/ etc. and returned to school. They were created to match my Homework Folder Labels.

These labels have a Spanish translation under the English words. For English only labels, click the link below
Homework Folder "Keep at Home" & "Return to School" Labels

The labels were created to be used with 2”x4” labels such as Avery #5263 or #8463. Or you could print them out on a regular sheet of paper, cut them apart, and tape or glue them to the front of the folder.

This is a PDF file with 2 pages each containing 10 labels on a page; one for the “keep at home” labels and one for the “return to school” labels. The preview shows one page with half “keep at home” labels and half “return to school” labels, but the file you will download has a full page of each label. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at

Thank you for downloading my product! I truly appreciate your business! To be notified of newly listed items, click the green “follow me” link under my picture. Please take a moment to leave feedback.

This product is to be used in one classroom only unless additional licenses have been purchased. Please do not copy for or share with others. Thank you for your purchase.

Thank you,
The Ivey League Teacher

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School Take Home Folders and More

Our popular School Take Home Folders are our answer to excellent organization and communication for your kids. School Take Home Folders are made of durable, water resistant polypropylene and sealed with ultra sonic sound for a strong, long lasting bond. Our School Take Home Folders are the perfect take home communication tool for your kids and students. (Also included is a check off worksheet to mark homework assignments finished.)

Stamped "Return to School" and "Keep at Home" to act as a communication tool between parent and teacher.

Stamped "Return to School" and "Keep at Home" to act as a communication tool between parent and teacher.

Our School Take Home Folders can be stamped in English or Spanish on the front cover. You can uniquely identify your folder with a 4" x 6" stamping of almost anything you want, right on the cover! Great for School Logos, School Mottos, or both!

Parents and teachers can write messages and slip them into the pocket, right on the cover! On the inside left pocket, we have stamped "Return to School" (and "Para Devolver A La Escuela" for the Spanish version). This is where students can keep homework or school notes. Acts are the perfect take home communication tool.

On the right pocket "Keep at Home" (and "Para Guardar En Casa" for the Spanish version) is stamped. Here students can place work that must be kept home, be it notes or school events Students will know what work stays home and what goes back to school with them. 13 to chose from. Acts as the perfect take home communication tool.

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