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To Be Fully Convincing In A Problem/Solution Essay

Start by thinking about things that bother you or problems that you find irritating. If you've thought, "I know how this could be done better!" you have a great idea for your paper.

Step One: Think about groups that you belong to and problems that those groups have. Make a list of groups you belong to like:

  • School
  • Hometown community
  • Clubs
  • Sports teams
  • Hobby groups
  • People groups (teenagers, high school students, college students, family, males, females, race, culture, or language group)

Step Two: Make a list of problems you have encountered in some of these groups. Sometimes, there is a plan for a solution but it isn't working, or maybe the plan isn't being enforced. The problem doesn't have to be a big one, but it has to be something you can convince other people needs to be and can be solved, or at least made better.

Step Three: Once you have your topic, you might want to go through the exercises in my problem solution guide to get ready to write.

How To Write A Strong Thesis For A Problem-Solution Essay

Whenever your thesis goes around a problem solution essay, you need to describe your problems and then convince your reader offering them appropriate solution proposals refuting the objections.

  • Choose a topic: First of all choose a topic and types of problems you might encounter with. Prepare a list of the group that your problem may belong. It could be an issue with your schools, hometown community, hobby groups, hometown community or clubs. In some cases you might also encounter with people groups like college students, issues with females, language, racial groups or problems faced by teenagers.
  • Enlist various types of problems you might face: Write down all the issues that you may encounter with these groups. In some cases your plan may work but in other cases it might fail. However there are other plans that may work but cannot be enforced. It is not necessary that your issue should be a bigger one. Basically, if you feel that you cannot convince the people, at least think for the options to make any situation better.
  • Think for the exercises and jot it down on a piece of paper: Once you have selected your topic, write down all the problems and solutions against them.
  • Prepare an essay outline for your thesis: To make it effective, organize the content carefully. You need to convince the reader that problem is grave and needs to be solved at all cost. Offer clear solutions. Make sure that your solutions are cost effective and realistic in nature. You need to prove that your solution is best among all the solutions.
  • Introduction: This is primary part of the problem solution essay which states whether the problem is unknown or a known one. Unknown problem is highly intricate and requires a vivid description. Your introduction can have a base of true life story, personal experience an imaginative scenario, based on statistics and facts and should include the statistics so that the audience becomes completely aware of the problem.
  • Thesis should propose solution: It should be short and clearly written in one sentence.
  • Body paragraphs: The body paragraphs of the thesis should elucidate all the solutions clearly. This section should also state way to solve the problem stating the evidences like expert’s opinion, statistics, logical arguments, study etc. Ensure that your solution stands up against all possible objections.
  • Conclusion: Write at least 2-3 paragraphs wherein you will state how your solutions will change the scenario after the plan is implemented.
  • Your tone of writing: It should be reasonable, logical, appealing and convincing.
  • Think for the reactions of your audience: The solutions should be such that audience can easily implement them.